Green Loop Landscape Works (Visitor Information)

Green Loop Landscape Works (Visitor Information)

Indooroopilly Golf Club – Landscape Works

Indooroopilly Golf Club (IGC) is combining the redevelopment of part of its course with another phase of its 60-year history of regreening and custodianship of the unique Long Pocket peninsula environment.

Bulk earthworks to expand recycled water storage, stabilise the old landfill site and stockpile topsoil for reuse on new golf holes is well underway.

The next phase of preparing fairways and landscape areas will include the removal of 253 trees, the retention of 757 existing trees and planting of 2,930 new trees. Of the 253 tree removals, 108 are weed trees, mostly Cadaghi gums, Tipuanas and African tulip trees. Of the balance of tree removals, more than new 20 trees will be planted for each tree removed. These works are Council approved under Operational Works Permit No. DAOW4168129 and Natural Asset Local Law Permit No. A005985871.

All the trees removed will be recycled as mulch to support the extensive landscape works across the new Green Loop. To ensure optimum habitat support within the site and along the riparian corridor boundary, a diversity of predominantly native species with proven performance across other parts of the course, will supplement colourful feature trees and existing retained trees.

Five decades of mostly member volunteer plantings have so far transformed the whole course into a rich habitat supporting 165 fauna species and 493 species of plants. The natural history of the golf club site has been extensively documented in the Natural History section of this website.

Once a mostly treeless farmland in the 1940s and later a Council rubbish dump, the new Green Loop project will offer a balance of great golf experiences and sustainable environmental enhancement for the entire precinct.  

The links below provides further information about the extent of works and the landscape plans.

Recent Updates

Landscape Works Update | 30 September 2022

Vegetation management works have advanced significantly since Council approval was received on 15th August. This has included the felling and chipping of 100 trees and the felling, awaiting chipping of an additional 120 trees, with 39 still to fell. These include 108 weed trees. Our request to vary the Council permit to include an additional 7 tree removals and the retention of 4 trees previously approved for removal was granted. Amongst the remaining 750 existing trees within the tree protection fencing, these removals have made way for large amounts of earthworks, as can be seen in the latest drone footage (click here to view the footage). Bulk earthworks is nearing completion including expansion of the western recycled water storage, and stabilization of the eastern old landfill site.  

The vegetation works have adhered to the Fauna Management Plan in our operational works approval, including relocating one eel and disposing of numerous pest fish when draining and excavating an existing water body.

Our 28,000 plus new plants for landscaping have been ordered and are being grown on to align with the program of works through each hole of the new Green Loop.  Thanks to our diligent nursery supplier, we have required very few substitutes for the 214 species required. The first plantings are scheduled for December and will continue through to June next year.

We have also partnered with Operation Pollinator and Environmental Golf Solutions to include a dedicated portion of the project as a case study site to support a national initiative to encourage and protect pollinator species on golf courses.

Please direct any questions about the project to our landscape and urban forest specialists at Indooroopilly Golf Club by phoning 3721 2121. For further information and updates bookmark this website

Past Updates

Landscape Works Update | 30 September 2022